The Hogarth Health Club(Chiswick) Airedale Avenue, Chiswick, London, UK, W4 2NW
Tel: 02089954600

The club's garden and patio areas are a vital part of our life all the year round, and most especially during the spring and summer months. Likewise, the bar area is a very nice place to be, and it's big enough to find a quiet corner even when things get a bit more lively from time-to-time. Of course occasionally, like at the fairly regular members' events put on in the bar, we might want to join in, but the beauty of the place is that you can choose to be as sociable - or not -as you want to be. Oh yes, and there's the pool area - again, a very relaxing place to be, with its steam-room and saunas. Ok, they should be for use after a massive high-energy workout, but what the heck! In summary, the Hogarth is very much a haven to us and has been an important part of our lives for the last eleven years; it's not the cheapest, but so far, there are quite a few things we'd rather do without first." Annie & Arthur Theakstone-Owen
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