S Varela
Tel: 07814737145

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Regular Events
Thursdays at Wenlock and Essex
Thu 30 Jan, 12 AM

Special Events
Criola Kizomba Monthly party
Sat 1 Feb, 9:30 PM

Criola Kizomba Monthly party
Sat 7 Mar, 9:30 PM

Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK 13- 15th March 2020 #GBKF
Fri 13 Mar, 8 PM

Criola Kizomba Monthly party
Sat 4 Apr, 9:30 PM

Criola Kizomba Monthly party
Sat 2 May, 9:30 PM


Sonny Varela is the current UK Kizomba Champion. She took part in the 2015 Africadancar / GB Kizomba competition UK and was crowned the GB Kizomba Winners.

In the AFRICADANCAR 2015 International competition in Portugal, she came 3rd for the World Kizomba Champion.

Dancing is a passion she shares with her dance partner because it induces strong emotions and connection.

Now they are enjoying their journey sharing their love of dance together teaching, performing and educating.

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