Friday Salsa solo footwork & bubble partner classes (Clapham)
Fri 3 Feb, 8 PM - Fri 3 Feb, 9:45 PM
Tel: 07818481243
Covid aware solo and bubble dance lessons
St Peters Church Hall, 14 Prescott Place, London, SW4 6BT, United Kingdom
?? £10 per person
?? Limited to 25 people maximum because of social distancing rules.
?? Solo’s class at 8pm to 9pm this class is for everyone and will focus on footwork, shines, musicality, body movement & styling while observing social distancing.
?? Couples Class 9.15pm to 9.45pm (Couples ONLY allowed from the same household or partners - please wear same colour tops if possible) followed by same couples practice
NB - Strictly NO Club / Social dancing /Changing Partners
?? Please call Nicolas on 07817481243 for payment and booking.
• Please arrive wearing a facemask / covering and provide a current email address and phone number at door.
• Observe all Covid related signage
• Social distance within the Hall and whilst entering/ leaving.
• Observe social distancing during toilet visits
• Hygiene – hand sanitiser will be available and touch points of significant usage will be wiped down after use.
• Entry and exit will be via the Prescott Place entrance only and Doors will be kept closed at all times.
• Please don't bring excess items.
Bottled Water only will be on sale ( or please bring your own)
Waste bins will be available for safe, immediate disposa
 £10 per person
Special Offer
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