Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais
Moving Experience - Feldenkrais & Tango
Wed 29 Mar, 12:30 PM - Wed 29 Mar, 1:45 PM
Take care of your own well being and free your neck & shoulders. Get rid of the tension which comes from stress or the many hours spent in front of the screen. At the same time calm down your nervous system and feel more grounded.

The Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais Online Classes will help you to improve in the safety of your own home. All classes are seated or standing up and especially paced to accommodate your learning.

Find out is Feldenkrais the solution you have been waiting for?

Whatever theme the courses focus on, the speciality of Feldenkrais is that it is including the whole body and mind. 

Working on the shoulders and neck area can lead to release of lower back pain and working on your feet might result in a softer neck and better balance.

Please book in advance as you will need the link to register for the online classes.

  • Bärbel Rücker (if you can’t find the Umlaut on your keyboard: Baerbel Ruecker)
  • Email :
  • WhatsApp : 07474 612701
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