Bachata Improvers Course Part 1 With Dren - 4 Weeks
Rasa Pauzaite
Sun 8 Sep, 1:00 PM - Sun 29 Sep, 3:00 PM

What do we offer?

So its time to take things to the next level! this course is part 1 of a 2 part syllabus. we will be covering new steps and techniques under all the styles of Bachata; traditional Dominican, Moderna and Sensual as well as elevating the basic steps to an improver level. As always with out courses you will be learning to dance on time to the music, to understand musicality and to improve your confidence on the dance floor with special exercises.

Course is for males and females. 
Places are limited!!

Every week starts with basic full body warm up and stretching.
Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, socks or professional dance shoes and bring water.

What does the course consist of?

Week 1: Quick revision of the steps you should know as a beginner and elevating them to an improver level. Focusing on good leading and follower technique.

Week 2: Focusing on traditional Dominican and Moderna styles adding more steps to your collection while practising them in a way that suits your growing individual style. 

Week 3: Revision of the steps covered in Week 2, and moving onto more moderna and now sensual technique. improving the lead to be smooth and clear and the followers to react more comfortably to the lead and practice their body movement.

Week 4: Putting everything your learnt together. We will be performing many short dynamic routines to keep you on your toes and to finish you will learn 1 unique move for each of the Bachata styles.


It is a 4 weeks course: 2h every Sunday 1-3pm, overall 8h.

Price : £60

Book online only at: 


BGM Entertainment 


73 St John street, London, EC1M 4NJ.

10 min walk from Chancery Lane tube station (central line zone 1) or few min walk from Farringdon station.

Level: Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
AgeType: All, Over 60's, Over 21's, Under 18's, Over 18's, Ages 15-18, Ages 12-15, Ages 5-12
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